Nov 3.11

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Howdy! It’s November Y’all. November of 2019. 20….19. Like I can’t even tell you why in the world- time just keep moving fast but it is. The last month has brought on a lot of deep thought and mainly because of two things: I’ve just had more time to myself while my sister was away serving and I’m reading this new book “How Social Media is Running your life” by Katherine Ormerod. I’ve been evaluating my life and one thing I keep coming back to -that I am working on- is stop setting a timeline for myself. Like putting a timeline on where I need to be and what I need to have accomplished. I don’t do it in the sense of like “yo I need to be here on this date” but there is some things that because I see on social media of other people like me or in my age bracket are accomplishing and I’m like “I need that too” when I actuality I don’t or I’m not there in my life yet to receive it.

Good example – literally just happened this morning when I was scrolling on twitter. Found a photo of girl I met like 3/4 years ago and we really bonded because we were going through THE EXACT SAME boy problems. Guy not totally committed but still hanging around but playing games type stuff. I remember giving her advice on how to handle the situation thinking I knew something  and 3/4 years later, I’m scrolling to find that she took the advice and is now happily married to the same guy. MEANWHILE, my own advice did not work for my situation and I literally got mad at myself for me not being where she is at in life. FIRST OF ALL- I had to snap back out of it because tbh being 24 and married is alllll the way DEEADDDD.  [hats off to the ones who can to do that] BUT – like let me repeat that. I was mad at myself for not being where she is at in life. I could have cared less if I never saw that photo because I know today at 24, as nice as it sounds, I don’t need to be married. Those are things I’m noticing even in myself that I do. Out of pride I’m always like “thats not me, I don’t care what other people are doing” hahah but in like real life I do. So I’m working on putting things in perspective to me and my growth. This book honestly is a good starting point, because it’s honestly helping me put things in perspective in thinking patterns first. We are exposed to sooooo much each day and envious traits can start even on the lowest of levels. So I’m working on it – I’m trying to be happy for other people but know some things aren’t meant for me right now.

So thats my thought for the month haha.

The playlist- my co-workers showed me a random picture of somebody child being name Neu and tbh that was what made me want to name my playlist Neu. But seriously- I’m kind of obsessed with this playlist. A bunch of new tracks I’ve been listening to and few oldies that I had to drop in there for BaLANCe. Every song is where I am at in life – RIGHT NOW [vibes wise]. I hope y’all enjoy.

Keep Creating,

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