Aug Playlist 3.8

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Hello world,

What it do baybeeee. On the 8th day, she finally got around to posting this bad boy. I know y’all have been anxiously awaiting it. I really try my best to have these up by the first of the month. I usually do – well at least the playlist. All the extra stuff like the design, the visuals, the video and writing this dang thing is whole other ball game and ya girl is tired.

I am really tired. I guess just like everyone else, work (that 9 -5)  is low-key high key killing me along with my outside work. One might say- I am crazy for taking on so much. Talking to a lot of people, working a 9-5 is a real drab (not gonna lie) even if you love what you do and love your place of employment. It can a real toll on the individual.  Like, can we talk about stress??? My anxiety/nerves has definitely gotten a lot worst in the last year because of stress from work and the pressure I put on myself. I am trying to do my best and be creative but It has definitely taken it’s toll on me.

BUT – I recently (literally in the last month) I made a pact with myself that this job or any job I have in the future is not going to stress me out. It is not worth it. It really isn’t. There are bigger problems out there than the type kerning. The world is still gonna turn with or without me, so why be stressed/mad/annoyed at work? I have more important things to get done. Craziest thing is that, today my co-worker sent me an article that the late Toni Morrison wrote about work and man….. did it home. Toni Morrison’s Article, “The Work You Do, the Person You Are” kind of reaffirmed everything I’ve been telling myself. I just love the phrasing “Go to work. Get your money. And come on home” that her father tells her. I’ve always been told to always do the best work that I can do and do it right the first time but I like how she makes it about doing your best work for yourself and leaving it at work. I know I’m gonna be do my best but I am learning the act of leaving it there. There’s a time and place for everything. My 9-5 ain’t my life, its just a part of it. Pioneering, being a good daughter/sister, serving Jehovah etc is my life. Those things come first. So I am actively learning to be less stressed and concerned of non-important things at work.

There are a few goals I want to accomplish in the next few months, so in the meantime I guess I will have to look crazy. I know each post I’m like “we got big things coming” but trust me WE GOT BIG THINGS COMING!  I appreciate everyone’s patience. Good things take time!  Man- is that a lesson that I’ve learned. In due time, my children. You all will get to see what I/we/Say Less is brewing. BUT- Just know y’all ain’t ready (hahah I had to throw that in!)

In the meantime- listen to some good tunes!! This playlist has been done since the 1st, I’ve been listening to it everyday perfecting it….so its a good one. Vibes are tad bit deeper but hopefully you like it. Enjoy.

Keep Creating.

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