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Mind is def blown that its June but time waits for no one. So here we are! Theres no real big updates from me. May was a good month, SUPER BUSY! I’m trying to find that balance of life. Work takes so much out of me that when I come home, I’m beat. I really don’t know how I  am supposed to get enough sleep every night, go to work for 9 hours and create, still maintain friendships, hang with family, be social, get my time, design/do freelance work, do my personal study, etc and still function like a normal person. So its just trying to find that sweet spot of balancing everything. But the train never stops- Imma figure it out.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes lol.

Here’s Junes Playlist. Really into this playlist, a lot of good jams. Hope you enjoy!

Keep Creating,

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