May Playlist 3.5

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I know. I know. I know. I’m 6 days late on this playlist but life comes at you quick. I’ve just been so busy to keep up with my personal projects. It makes me kind of sad but on the flip side I’ve been so busy with real projects so I guess it makes up for it.

6 days into May and my month has been already made. I got to see one of my favorite indie pop bands Last Dinosaurs over the weekend and it was honestly life changing. Been listening to them since freshman year of college and literally didn’t think I would ever see them because they are from Australia and NEVER EVER toured in America. I even vividly remember talking to Tyanna, saying they will never see them. Gave up all hope haha. Why would give up like that? I don’t know.  Tyanna and I bought tickets immediately once they release tickets for their first tour in America 3 months ago. Idk, this show just hit different and I’ve seen A LOT of shows. It was crazy to hear that they didn’t even know we were here. For literally 9 years, They didn’t know they had a fan base in America. That was wild. It wild to think that two brown girls from Philly vibing to their music for years and they didn’t even know. I think I had similar sentiments after I saw Hiatus Kaiyote ( my ALL TIME favorite group). That’s the power of music man. That why I love it soo much.

This month playlist is just a bunch of new music I’ve been digging lately and some old gems that I haven’t heard in a while that I had to bring back.  Hopefully you too can discover some gems that hit differently and sticks with you for a while. If you like what you hear, share the playlist. When it comes to music, sharing is caring. Hope you enjoy!


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