February Playlist 3.2

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Hiii ~

We survived January. This month has been pretty much about getting adjusted to new climates. Figuratively and literally (its BRICK here in Philly!!!) Beside the whole weather mess, I started a pretty cool gig at Urban Outfitters. I join the digital team and immediately got thrown into the mix. I’m learning how not to view my work as so precious. Being in a space before where I worked on branding projects and some web design everything required time and you got to live with it for a while. But being in this digital space, everything is here one day/week and gone the next which I had to get accustomed REAL fast. So it’s been a unique experience because I’m learning to design in a way where I’m giving my best  but also too not getting too invested in the design where I can’t let go or be saddened the project is done lol.

What’s else happened in January? Well I turned 24. Idk but I kind of only envisioned my life up to 24/25. To be honest, for some reason I thought I would be married or on my way to – AND BOY WAS I WRONG!! haha its funny growing up and throwing away all those ideas of what you thought your perfect future was going to be like. Its still very defining though, like you don’t have to have your life set and planned because there are a lot journeys and possibilities open. So no I am not getting married anytime soon but that’s okay!! I’m honestly doing me! 24 (a week and some change into it) so far has been good to me. I feel good. I feel more confident in who I am becoming than ever before and thats even cooler to say than anything. 

Okay- the music!!! I recently was told my taste in music is “real chill happy vibes, sung by brown girls” so I decided to make a playlist which is the epitome of “real chill happy vibes, sung by brown girls.” Because black and brown girls/women are magical!! So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! This honestly is condensed form of another playlist I have called “garden” a like 200+ song playlist of all women singers. So narrowing it down has been pretty swag-y haha.

Alright bye. Let February be great!

Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave


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