January Playlist 3.1

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Why Hello!! This is officially my third year doing monthly playlists. YAY!!! So welcome to the third year ~

Like can you believe it? Time moves, man. I am in the process of trying a few new things out for the format of these bad boys. But in the meanwhile, they will live on my website hence why you are still here haha. I’ve throughly enjoyed making playlist for the last three years and I wanna do something bigger and better this year… naturally. So please bare with me. I have a few ideas in my head that I need to figure out how to implement. BUT DON’T YOU WORRY!

I just feel like this year came so quick and I am really trying to get my bearings. I guess I wanted to start this year with a bang and life in the last few weeks have been crazy. Wildly crazy. I got a new job which meant wrapping things up at my first job out of school. That proved to be a very bittersweet moment for a lot of reasons but I think I had this realization in the midst of my last day, that this change is exciting yet so uncomfortable. We get so used to our environments and the people we work with that change becomes so comfortable. Now I am moving into this space where its is uncharted but extremely exciting. I did it for a lot reasons but my main reason was to challenge myself. I want to grow and the only way to do that is to move differently. This year I’m really to move differently in a lot of aspects of my life. So as cheesy as it may sound, 2019 for me is year of exploration.

I do appreciate all the kind words everyone expressed to me. Super grateful to my first job for really taking me in as a kid right out of school and really giving me the experience to move into this new space. I’m so thankful I have this opportunity.

Alright! The playlist! The Music! This playlist has a lot of different themes throughout all the song selections and some hit harder than others but listen to it! You tell me what it’s about cause I clearly was on some other type time putting it together haha. The music just makes me feel good and some songs on here like “In my bed” by Amy or Justin’s “Last Night” are all songs that been with me for the longest. The creative this month pays homage to the great minimal designers I get a lot inspiration from. I wanted to use color because like why not! The creative makes me happy. So enjoy!

Sidenote: Okay I’m going to put out one goal of mine out there to the world. You know speak it into existence lol? Okay… I….. am going to dj one event this year! I’ve always had this dream to do one really cool event. It could be big , small, whatever- I’m going to do it. I know I can do it, I just don’t necessarily have to tools/equipment to do it but I’m going to SOMEHOW SOMEWAY dj one event. Just one. I have a crazy set list in my head and  this goal will be fulfilled.Just one show.  So stay tuned. I will keep you updated on ALLL of that. May 2019 be a year of more creating, more color, more music, more happiness.

Okay bb’s! Thanks for reading and please please please this year keep creating!

The Olive Wave ~


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