December Playlist 2.12

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Wowoowowow. December is finally here!! I can’t… I honestly can’t cause I just don’t know how it’s already December. Thats one thing about being an adult that you learn, time waits for no one. I had a pretty good month last month.

One cool thing I want to put out there for no reason (lol), I have gone a year without using heat on my hair. That’s an accomplishment for me. SO last year around this time I straighten my hair and I damaged the crap out of it and honestly it was one of those things you don’t know what you got till its gone. I was so sad so it honestly took a whole year for my hair to grow and get my curls back along with a few amazing haircuts by Tyanna. This may seem super small but y’all don’t know that I’ve been straightening my hair since I was like 12. That started because at one point I hated my curly hair and just wanted straight hair alllll the time. So to go a year without has really made me appreciate what I have and I don’t know why I would ever straighten my hair as much as I did. But Fresh starts and new outlooks has been a thing I have been holding on to this year.

I think time I reflect on much more and theres a few things I’ve learned that has stuck with me. I’ll just share like 4 so I don’t keep it too long.

  1. Bet on yourself – aka meaning believe in your abilities and push yourself to reach that next goal. Even if that means being uncomfortable. I’ve been told this a numerous of times by a good friend and honestly it has allowed me to really be confident in my abilities that I can reach my goal.
  2. You can’t force anybody to love you – This is self explanatory. I feel like I found this out late last year but it didn’t really solidify itself until this year. I think this one hurt the most because I gave so much but it needed to happen. It showed me that people will do something if they really want it. If they really love you, they will do anything in their power to be with you and not give up easily. That was a hard reality but it’s also an amazing thing when you find someone who will do anything for you.
  3. Law of Attraction – Like attracts Like. My mom has quietly drilled this in me but I see the workings of it all around me . It really means stay positive and positive things will come to you. The power of positivity is real!!! The moment you start being negative, negative results is what will come about because you’ve already set that in your head.  So remain positive.
  4. Wear More Color – This is something I encourage everybody to do. Color is a wonderful thing and shows so much personality. It has shifted my view on my style and fashion. I love color and color looks good darker skin tones sooooo WEAR MORE COLOR.

This month’s playlist is my absolute favorite!! The creative/visuals this month is based on a real cool designer (Ross Paul McWan )who’s stuff is amazing. I’ve enjoyed doing these playlist each month especially on the creative side because I really get a chance to experiment, expand my design vocabulary and get awesome inspiration that pushes me to think on different levels of how to build out certain designs. On the music side, I didn’t know this playlist was heavily influenced by space but I discovered a purely coincidental  theme of space whether it in the name, within the song or sounds. My favorite one yet! Please enjoy! To my 15 followers on Spotify, thank you.  I am working up a few new ideas for next years playlist, so stay tuned. Enjoy! Let’s go out this year with a bang or at least a soft bang.

Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave



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