November Playlist 2.11

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November 2018. Rant time!!! Sometimes I like to be super random and just talk. So here is me just talking:

One thing I have enjoyed about the last month is my new haircut. Here’s the back story, I’ve begging Tyanna to cut my hair for the longest and to give me bangs. I knew it would look good on me but for the longest Tyanna was mad opposed. One day early October, she was being super nice, she cut my hair and gave me bangs. I know it just a small thing but I feel like ever since that moment I’ve become me. My haircut reflects me on the inside and idk its been cool because along with that came with more confidence to be bolder.

Speaking of being bolder. I’ve been obsessed with wearing color for the last few months. I was one of those people who would say oh yeah I wear color and wear like blue hahaha. I’ve realized color draws attention that’s why people shy away from it. But color looks good on people and I feel like everyone should do it more. I do need to slow down on my spending hahah but need more color in my life. I’ve always loved to dress and my parents taught the importance to look presentable  but clothes have been a cool way for me to experiment and try new things. I’ve always been into dressing, thats why I feel like I need to go to NY. I like to dress like I’m in Brooklyn/ soho going to work as a graphic designer who works at like Refinery29 or Glossier then going out to hang with my friends afterwards…. all the while I’m standing at Broad and Olney.  There’s something aspirational about it that I like to keep with me everyday waking up and throwing on a new outfit.

I don’t know lately I’ve been happy. I’ve been spending time with my favorite people and really honing in on what’s makes me happy.

The playlist is called “sweet things” because it makes me happy. Its a mix of old and new and everything in between. I just think every song is sweet and some form of love….. ( okay I made that up) but just listen you will like it!! I’m done talking. Enjoy lol.

Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave

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