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And just like that it’s September. Soooo where do I even start- August was a busy busy month. Went on vacation. Got a lot of inspiration. Got to see most of the things on my list that I had to see – Pigalle Basketball in Paris and Casa de Alentejo in Portugal etc. Ugh, I love traveling. It was amazing. 

Favorite spot- Portugal. Lisbon was a dream. I was obsessed with the colors and it felt like it’s own distinct culture. Be ready to walk those steep hills. Boy- they got ya girl a few times but that was the experience.  It’s still fairly lowkey- not as many tourists but there are for sure touristy spots. It was great! We got a chance to go to Bethel. It was cool to see the work that’s happening there and the progress they’ve made in even the last 50 years. Lisbon was cool spot to hit up so hit it up!

Of course, Paris is always a favorite. That’s why Tyanna and I planned to come back this time around. We met so many friends this time around by just asking to hang out. ( if you ask, you shall receive lol) I met a lot of people I follow on IG and randomly ran into some who followed me. It is a small world especially with IG being a big thing but IG hasn’t failed me. MEET YOUR IG FRIENDS!!! In that same breathe- It’s cool to say “yeah I have a contact in so and so” but to me it so much cooler to say “I have good friends that live here etc.” Connects are cool but cultivating long lasting friendships are cooler. That’s what happened this time around just by reaching out to a few people and it opened a door of new friends and people I can say are good friends. Also, got to hang out with a dope couple from the states who randomly was in Paris during the same time- it was a lot of fun. Paris is so cool. The vibe is cool. 

Tyanna and I have been taking trips for the last couple of years to see the world but also see where we would like to serve where the need is great and I think this trip really solidified that we can do it. So speaking things into existence- we are gonna serve within the next year! There it’s out!!!

Lessons learned on this trip: I’m just so extremely grateful to have the opportunity to go travel and see the parts of the world that I otherwise would never be able to see. Nobody ever gave Tyanna and I the opportunity to do so – so we created our own. I am thankful for everyone who encouraged us to do so. To get out while we are young and just see/experience as much as we can. I am also very thankful to all the people we’ve met along the way and all the friends we’ve made. So if there is any advice I can give to anyone, it’s just travel. Just go. Don’t wait for other people and their circumstances to dictate whether you go or not. Of course, it’s better to travel with one other person so you’re not absolutely alone but in that same breath, the friends will take care of you. If you go and just find the friends, you will be alright! Also, don’t travel with anyone you’re not EXTREMELY cool with outside of certain establishments and no more than like 2 other people. It always complicated with big groups unless all y’all are ride or die homies for life lol. Trust me- it will save you some heartache. But after that, just go even if it just for a few days. Sometimes it a lot cheaper to go oversees than to even travel within the states sometimes. That’s it – if you want more advice. Hit me up!!

The Playlist!!!!! So a lot of the songs on the playlist are songs that I discovered while I was a away – Like 3/4 of the playlist. It’s a lot of new music and we love new music! The visuals this month was a lot of fun to make. GRADIENTS!!!! haha I love the colors. I’ve been really digging color a lot lately and bold colors at that. Okay – I’m done talking. Enjoy the music. I’ll drop the link to Tyanna and I travel videos below (they aint vlogs lol – they are travel videos)


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Barcelona 2k18 –

Paris 2k18 –

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