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Woooooooooooow It’s August. I’ve been honestly looking forward to this month for a while now. This is the month I will get the much needed break that I am in desperate need of. I feel like I am crawling to next week, currently.  It’s time for my yearly inspiration/exploration/try to relax trip. I can’t disclose where I’m going yet- probably all who is close to me knows where I’m going haha. In any event I’m HYPE. This is the time where I can regroup, take in mad inspiration, put things into perspective and meet more internet friends. 

I am coming off the heels of the Convention and boy let me tell you- it got ya girl. The point that I wanna take away with me is that courage doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. I think for me I think to be courageous or bold you have have full confidence and not be afraid but I love the point that courageous means being scared but still acting. So that’s something I am going to take with me in the next couple of months. Believe it or not I am in a place where I could make some life major changes and if not courageous and rely on Jehovah I could miss a few opportunities. BUT FIRST IS MY MUCH NEED VACATION. Lol I need that first to regroup, come back and make moves. 

ALRIGHTY THIS PLAYLIST!!!! Honestly my favorite to date. I honestly put together a playlist of how I want my August to feel. A lot of the song have Bossa Nova and Samba vibes. I wanted a mix of that flare and with just some feel good songs. I love love love Bossa Nova (no it’s not elevator music) If you really listen it the arrangements are crazy and it’s just feel good music. I’ve put like authentic Bossa Nova with inspired vibes( there’s a Korean singer on there) if you put two and two together you may can guess where I’m going I don’t know lol. Aight y’all I’m out!!! Stay tuned to IG. Enjoy!

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