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Hi Y’all,

I know I am a few days late on this playlist. To those 2 people who maybe actually read this, please forgive me. This week alone has been so hectic and a lot of emotions came with it. If you didn’t know, my business partner (Randi) and I were asked by the lovely Mike Smith of Smith & Diction to join all these top designers in Philly. He asked to throw up a poster/ design we had laying around that we wanted to show for this branding/design show. Honestly, first thing that that runs through my head is “oh snap this is the perfect opportunity to showcase what me and Randi have been working on.” Then it hit me: “Showcase Say Less.”

[Complete Side Story: Ok- let me tell y’all what Say Less is. Well its a digital design studio that basically me and Randi are creating. We’ve been working together on numerous projects under the name Vite (RIP VITE.) Maybe about a year ago we decided to nix that name and Say Less was a saying we would say allll the time and we thought it was perfect name for a studio. “Say Less” really drove home what we are trying to convey as designers. SO BAM! SAY LESS was formed. We always knew we wanted to work together in some capacity and dreamt while even in school of having our own studio one day. I remember especially on one occasion at Moore we were at lunch talking about actually getting a studio and if we had to work at Starbucks on the side to get money to have our own place, we would. No one is working at Starbucks- trust me we don’t have the time. But we figured out a way to work together but it be more digitally. In the last year, We’ve worked on a lot of cool projects like branding my dad business (Hey Ethos GSFM.) So getting cool projects has really projected us to this point where we could do this more seriously thus leading to branding our own studio.]

Back to the story- In the last three weeks we tried to create a brand. We realized we can’t force our brand in three weeks but I didn’t want to give up hope that we could showcase something. So we thought about doing a coming soon announcement. Give people a little tease of what we do/could do. Somehow in the three weeks, we pulled something together!!! We created the first look of our brand:

Check out out website: sayless.studio and our IG: @saylessstudio

The show was Amazing! It was so cool to see these Top designers in Philly in one room and be around people who love design as much as we do. Our family, friends and even co-workers came out to support us. It was so cool to see our work blown up huge next to well established designer’s designs. It was a great time!! I’ll drop some photos for y’all to see but if you were wondering why we have been so busy in the last month it has been because of  that.

Thanks to the help of crew-

Armonni: (copywriter) who came up with a beautiful beautiful phrase for us to use as our tag line [“Design More. Say Less.]

Fred: (Our business advisor) who helped with our marketing strategy for the show and gave us constant feedback on my poster design for Say Less.

* this is low-key funny: cause these guys are our friends and they provide great services to us that they need recognition too!!

and of course our family who was there to support during our design process and all who came to the show!!!



Okay playlist time, This by far has been one of the most challenging playlist to put together and took me awhile to blend sounds. I wanted chill playlist that was mad cool. All these songs I love and what I am jamming to lately  and thought it was a good platform to figure out how to blend them. So Enjoy!! To another great month!


Keep Creating,

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