April Playlist

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Hey Y’all,

It’s that time of month again!! As I write this, the weather is absolutely lovely outside. It got me feeling real happy cause this has been just a long winter.  I’m glad I survived the winter without an seasonal depression bouts. Not saying I usually go through one but I do find myself  feeling just ehhhhh all winter cause I feel like I thrive in the summer.  So I’m grateful  we are on the cusp of SPRING!!

I did discover something about myself over the last couple of months that I have always been more reserved about. It’s an interesting thought I hope I can fully convey in this post. For a long time, people always told me I’m worth a lot, I deserve the best etc. etc. and to a degree I always knew that but believing it is another thing. I think I’ve always struggled with the idea of knowing my worth because I’ve always felt that you can become too prideful. I’ve learned there should be a balance between being humble and knowing what you deserve. Knowing your worth, you know what to spend your time & energy on and who to spend your time with. I think this all plays into a greater part that will feeds into you being a better person.  Knowing my worth as designer, at this point involves me to charge more for projects because of my skill set. That’s been the biggest realization I’ve had lately because I’ve been getting a lot of freelance work alongside my business partner and that is something I am facing in general with work. It’s okay to demand more. Also to demand more from the people around you. Not in a bossy, controlling way but definitely holding people accountable because that is something I want people to do for me. Its definitely a give and take.

In the last couple of months, I’ve realized some cool things about myself that I possess.  I also learned it’s okay to demand what you need and let it be known. I’ve learned I can’t passively reach my goals and expect them to happen but I have to take control and go after them. I can’t passively support someone if I don’t put in the effort to be there for that person. This is something that is on going, I’m not saying at all I’ve figured it out but I am on a solid path to be the best Cheyenne I can be.

This month playlist, I just wanted to dance. I wanted to put together something that has a groove for each and every song. It’s spring time! I’m happy.! I want a playlist that encapsulates that energy! I deserve it ( lol okay I’m done) But I hope you like this Playlist. I am falling love with the idea of making one each month. I get so much joy out it and its super dope that I get good feedback on the playlist and that you guys actually like it!!! I want to try something new in the spring but imma sip on that tea for a little bit till I can figure out how to actually make it into a reality!! but in the meantime, ENJOY!


Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave



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