March Playlist

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Hi Y’all,

March is here! Can I say February was a weird month? It was just weird for a lot of different reasons. I mean it’s only has 28 days. I feel like this month got me to thinking about where I am currently… in life. I know this time in my life is called “Put in the work to get where you want to be” but sometimes I wish I was where I wanted to be in life now. I feel like I hear the same old things from older folk about how our generation expects everything right now and doesn’t know how to be patient. But you know what? It’s true, I feel like I am a victim of the the overall millennial thinking sometimes. Honestly. TO BE HONEST, I just want to be running my own design studio, be invited to fashion week every season, be in a cute relationship, look fly all the time and live on my own downtown (Philly/NYC) and make my time like yesterday.  I see other people my age whether its via social media or in real life doing all of that and sometimes I’m like dag, why can’t I be there?

Lately, I’ve come to terms that that’s what it is like being in your [for a lack of better phrase] 20 somethings ( I was trying to avoid that direct correlation with SZA’s song but I couldn’t haha.)  I know when you put in the hard work good things will follow and I strongly believe that. This is just that time period where I need to put in the work in my design work, my relationships, me, etc. I’ve accepted the fact that every place that I am apart of, its a blessing. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and currently have. My biggest takeaway is that I want to take everything in as a learning experience so I can reach my goals. Its gonna suck and trust me yo, it suuuuucccks! But its one steps closer to what I dream about. Guys, big things are coming!!

With all that being said, I have a few projects coming up that I am super excited about to announce and drop with my business partner, Randi. Trust me y’all, This is the year big things are gonna happen for us. So stayed tuned, we are super busy trying to start something that actually is one of my top goals.

The Playlist- all new music [ and few old time faves] that I’ve been digging lately. My friends have been putting me on to some cool stuff which is always dope. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing these playlists because sometimes the music dictates the look of it but this time around the design dictated the vibe of the playlist which is working backwards for me a little. I decided to do some collage work and work with more photos which I typically don’t do. So I hope you think its visually pleasing as much as I do.  I love the visuals for this month because I feel like this really reflects how I feel. So bam! There it is. New Playlist. Enjoy!!!!!


Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave




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