February Playlist

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Hi Y’all,

Question: why did January feel like the  longest month ever? Maybe I accomplished a whole lot during this month …. or its just been THAT long, idk. I’m going to keep this post short this month in commemoration of February, haha. 2018 so far has been good to me. I had a lot of cool things happen within the first month which one of them being, I turned 23 (It’s my Jordan year, baby.) I have a lot of mixed feeling every year I get older but I am confident that I can accomplish a lot of my goals. I promise y’all I have a lot of cool things coming up. My brains been turning with ideas that I can’t wait to start to implement.  Stay tuned my loves. I will definitely keep everyone posted but I’m doing big things this year and trying to live in the moment as much as possible.

This month’s playlist is heavily influenced with jazz and boss nova vibes. I have a lot of throwbacks on here, a lot of foreign artists on here as well. There’s something about this playlist that feels very nostalgic but at the same time very fresh. My family says I’ve been stuck in like retro mode with my music lately but I have been discovering a lot of music from the 70’s and 80’s that I just been so connected with. So I tried to combine old and new and create a solid playlist for February. I named it Veni Vidi Amavi because I loved the actual meaning of it. Its  latin meaning “We came. We saw. We loved.” I don’t know what that speaks to just yet but those words stuck with me and I thought it fits this months playlist.

Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy!

Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave

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