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Why Hello there,

Can you believe it? We are in December! 2017 is over. That’s it. We’re done. How do I put a year into words??? I don’t even know if I can do it justice but I can try. This honestly was the year of becoming an adult and let me let you in on a secret. Adulthood…. it sucks. Growing pains was at an all time high for me for majority of the year. Graduating school and looking for a job was the name the game, that honestly was THE WORST. Change is so hard for me because change is inevitable. Actually going through it at the time was difficult because of the fear of the unknown. The doubt sets in and you are honestly just scared. One thing, I kept reminding myself is that everything is going to be okay. As long as you keep putting important things first, everything will work out in your favor. That’s what made me not stress about life after school. Plus, my awesome small yet mighty support team (friends and family) has been there every step of the way  to reaffirm that.

I would also like to take super short minute to pat myself on the back. I don’t do this a lot but I found myself really proud of an accomplishment I took in the last month or so. Its really insignificant when it comes to bigger accomplishments but I left my job as a stylist at Madewell and more importantly retail. Hahaha. If you know me, you know I’ve been doing retail since High School and that really supported me through that and college. For me to leave and get a big girl job has been something I have been smiling about for awhile now. Even though I will miss my Madewell girls (you know who you are), I’ve been one happy gal in this new phase. Now I can actually hang out with my friends and family on the weekends which I haven’t been able to do since forever.

I think sometimes we like to overlook such things as growing pains because it’s not fun, exciting or eventful but I always go back to that fact that these transitions are growth. You can’t appreciate the good times without knowing what it took to get there. Its cool to look back and be like
“yo, I was really doing that? or I really thought I was killing it?” and see how much you’ve grown into yourself.  2017 was that year for me. So cheers to the next year of growth. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Hopefully I will travel more, take more photos and of course design!

Oh and If you think becoming an adult sucks, join the club. This month’s playlist is what I’ve been into lately. Lower key vibes (lol.) I didn’t see a point of making a playlist of all my favorite songs of 2017 because Spotify will already do that for me at some point this month. Instead I just want to put y’all onto some more cool music as my goal since the first playlist/post.

Keep Creating,

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