November Playlist

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Hi Y’all,

As the year starts to wind down, I find myself contemplating my next move. I’ve always been someone who finds it hard to enjoy the moment because I am so focused on what’s next. If you knew me very well you would know I have like a million and one things already happening simultaneous. Trust me, it’s very tiring. Growing up, goal setting has been strongly entrenched in me and not just goal setting but actually putting forth effort to reach such goals. I know I have a lot of stuff going on but to me that’s just all the behind the scenes to said end goal. In meantime, though I  am trying to enjoy life, enjoy the behind the scenes. I am at a very different point in life, that I actually never envisioned for myself. I think I had a idea of what life would be like right up until graduation and now everything that has happened after that to this point has kind of surprised me along the way. Its quite vulnerable and scary but very very cool.

Recently, I have been asked about my goals and where I would like to be. I’ve been questioned a lot about what I want to accomplish. At first, I was low key very offended because I was like “THIS IS MY GOAL and I’m sticking to it.”I’ve come to appreciate the questioning because it pushes me to expand even the big goals I already have and to not settle on just one thing. I thought these recent conversations were really dope cause I feel like I always do that for others but to have my friends do it for me, hits home a little more.

The playlist this month has a more gloomy vibe to it. I wanted something less alternative r&b that i usually like to do  but I changed it more indie like. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Indie/rock music and this playlist has elements that takes me to that realm of music of what I used to listen to all the time.

Alright enough of me talking. Enjoy.

Keep Creating,

The Olive Wave
Featured artwork: Gabriela Del Valle @vengodelvalle

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